Lawlab rebranding

‘What if we change a legal service into a supporting and surprising experience?’
Creative direction, Strategy, Art direction

Lawlab is an Australian Conveyancing service which paved the way with an online platform on which the client could sell and buy their property securely and simple. There were just a few hiccups. The identity and vision didn’t match the corporate service. In my year as creative director for this company we shifted the brand identity from ‘corporate service’ to ‘helpful & knowledgeable friend.’

We started by changed the UX design of the service to make it more accessible and understandable for every client. We did so by transforming the service and adding guidance and clarity in the process by rewriting documents and adding step-by-step videos.

We brought transparency to a closed off service and created an new identity with the key strengths focussed on understanding, comprehensible and supporting. An identity that fits with the digital aspect and which would stand out in a saturated market.

We listened and understood that buying and selling your property is a big stressful undertaking that is more than just the legal paperwork. By adding a informational lifestyle factor we became added comfort to our service, helping clients with the broad spectrum of ‘the whole move’. By using the knowledge already stored in the company, we wrote comprehensible articles and tips shared on the platform and in a social media 2-year planning.

With the rebranding in progress, we already reduced negative feedback and getting almost daily 5-star reviews and an increase in new clients. Clients feel understood and supported. The service has since been nominated for several awards and excellent costumer service, soon to go global.

Art Direction, Creative Direction, Strategy