Spot the Dot

Concept Creation, Art Direction

‘Spot the Dot’ was created as a limited collection of cozy, cotton sweatshirts. They may identical but each sweater has a hidden distinguished feature, making each one unique. A little white dot will be stitched on every sweater, but on a different area of the sweater every time. As part of a limited edition set of 100 distributed in Amsterdam, each sweatshirt comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and number such as #053, the ‘Spot the Dot’ app and of course, the rules of the game.

The game element is very simple, try to find the dots on all the other 99 sweaters. Participants get access to an app which allows them to find other players and to be found. You are only playing when wearing the sweater. ‘Spot the Dot’ creates a playful twist to an everyday garment. And a refreshing way of connecting people with an combination of online and offline interaction.

Art Direction, Concept Creation