Road Safety Australia Billboard Campaign

Concept creation, Art direction, Strategy

‘Vergeet-ze-nietjes’, translated ‘Forget-me-not’ is a campaign highlighting the products that are often forgotten during the grocery trip. Products that we simply take for granted and always run out of when we least expect it. Think of, as an example, tin foil, light bulbs, dish soap, salt and olive oil.

The campaign will start running a two week course during ‘spring cleaning’. The idea is to simply remind people it isn’t a bad thing to stock up on certain items. By labelling the products as a ‘Vergeet-ze-nietje’ we show people the most forgotten products. Special discounts will be applied on the products like ‘two for one’. Instore the costumers will be reminded by banners through out their shopping trip reminding them of certain products and discounts, pointing them out. A commercial will run, showing, in a light ironical way, how annoying it can be if products run out. The tag-on will show the specials discounts on the ‘Vergeet-ze-nietjes’

This campaign will not only help costumers being more efficient during their grocery trip, but help Albert Heijn showcasing their non-food offer and breaking down the cliche of being a food market.

Art Direction, Concept Creation, Copy