Museumkaart ‘Adventures Application’

Concept creation, Art direction, Strategy

Today’s children spend an increasing amount of time focused on digital screens. Museums in Holland witnessed a sharp decline in their child demographic. Museumkaart, an organisation that brings museums together, needed a new approach to encouraging more children to get involved with museums. The solution was an app that captures a museum experience in a personalised digital format, with the ultimate goal of making museums relevant and exciting again to this younger generation.

Engagement with the app is achieved from the very first use by allowing the user to express their personality and creativity by designing a personalised avatar.  Then the story unfolds with their Avatar as the central character,  in the form of adventures like ‘The adventures in the Van Gogh Museum’. The story leads the users through a number of activities such as capturing images and explaining the history in their own words.

For an example‘Tim is very excited to go to the national museum with his Grandfather Klaas. They use the app to document their trips. They gather ‘pages’ about fossils, paintings and sculptures. Grandpa is adding funny little stories to each page about the history. They are having the time of their life creating their adventure. They’ve created 4 adventures already! And by showing the app to the museum desk they get a 5 euro discount on their entree and a special digital stamp.’

This app strategy provided for an important link between the younger generation’s “online life” and the traditionally offline environment that is museums.  Importantly it also creates permanence with the collected knowledge remaining available and readily shared between friends and family.

Art Direction, Concept Creation, Strategy