Today you woke up to a world where the unconscious state of consumerism is losing its grip on society and the sense of community, values and belonging is dawning upon us for a better tomorrow.

Hi, I’m Gert, an award-winning Advertiser specialising in concept creation and creative direction. Driven by contributing an understanding instead of just making noise. In both the European and Australian market I’ve spend years successfully creating meaningful connections between brands and consumers.

Since 2012, I’ve partnered with international creative and branding agencies such as LEMZ/HAVAS, Generous and Johnny Wonder on a variety of commercial projects to help brands not just sell, but also tell, contribute and relate. This has led me to contribute to brands ranging from IKEA, Albert Heijn, Staatsloterij, Calve, Lay’s, to disruptive startups and inspiring non-profits.

My goal is simple, to open eyes and bring the best in any brand forward. Not only showing them a different way, but joining them for the journey.

Some of the clients I’ve worked with