‘Keuze met Kaas’ Campaign Albert Heijn

Concept Creation, Art Direction, Strategy

‘Keuze met Kaas’, directly translated, ‘Choice with Cheese’ is a campaign that focussed on showing Albert Heijn costumers that the traditional Dutch cheese can be used in so many ways than only on a slice of bread during lunch or diced in cubes with mosterd. With this campaign we inspire the consumers with tasty, modern, exciting recipes using the ‘yellow dutch delight!’ At the same time the campaign shows all the different varieties of dutch cheese that Albert Heijn has to offer.

Inspiration will be displayed on instore banners, recipe cards at the entrance and special discounts. By showing a set of 30 new recipes, we are not just selling one product, but creating cross sells. A commercial on TV and radio will emphasise the diversity with dutch cheese and weekly special deals.

The Dutch love a good deal, and Albert Heijn is known for providing such. So as an extra selling point a specially designed high quality Cheese serving set will be introduced. Only available at Albert Heijn, and you can acquire the set by collecting the ‘Kaaszegels’ (stamps) that you will receive. One stamp for every 10 euros worth of groceries. A full card with 50 stamps gets you one item of the set. The goal is to obtain the whole set of course.

Art Direction, Concept Creation, Strategy