Newsjacking Coronation 2013

Creative concept, Art Direction

On the 30th of April 2013 everyone in Holland was sitting on the edge of their seats. Willem Alexander had his coronation and became the King of the Netherlands. An excellent opportunity for brands to respond in their marketing. Above you see two responsive ads that were developed to send out a funny, lighthearted joke towards the king.

Left | IKEA

We choose to run this ad the day after the coronation when people wake up with the newspaper to relive the day again. The day after is always the clean up day. All the flags, crazy hats and orange clothing will be stored back in the attic. But what about the ceremonial crown? Well, even that can be stored in an IKEA box!

Right | Calvé

Calvé is the most famous dutch peanut butter brand. It’s the brand we all grew up with. Their previous campagne ‘Who hasn’t grew up with it’ was the key for this ad. Here we see a royal sandwich with the copy ‘Little boys grow up to be big’. Because the odds are pretty high that even our former queen made sure that even little Willem had a proper sandwich. Ofcourse, with the crust cut off.

Art Direction, Concept Creation