The Kletspiet Application

How can we keep the imagination of one of Hollands most endearing traditions alive in the digital era?
Concept creation, Art Direction, Strategy

Since the discussions in the news around the Dutch holiday ‘Sinterklaas’ seems to get everybody’s attention, sadly it also effects the children who this holiday is ment for. Since children have never had so much access to social media, it’s hard to keep the illusion of ‘Sinterklaas’ alive. That why the ‘Kletspiet’ was created. It gives children the ability to have a conversation with ‘Sinterklaas’ himself. Using a voice deformer it’s possible to let the caller sound like ‘Sinterklaas’ or one of his Pieten.

Mom or dad can simply download the app, send a message to the ‘partner in crime’. This can be a neighbour, aunt, uncle or a family friend. When they call the mom or dad’s phone, the phone will automatically shows a picture with caller id from Sinterklaas. They phone can be handed to the kids who then chat away with Sinterklaas. Since the caller is familiar with the children hobbies, school and interests, children will have the illusion that Sinterklaas is keeping a good eye on their behaviour. Because naughty children don’t get presents…

The caller can also switch character voices during the phone call. The campaign to introduce the ‘Kletspiet App’ to the parents will be child friendly with copy like ‘Call Sint for a chat, who wouldn’t want that?’

See the case movie here

Art Direction, Concept Creation, Strategy