Nike Activation Campaign  ‘The Nike Women’

Concept creation

Nike wanted more women to participate in this yearly event. The goal was to inspire and motivate women about running the 10K. So we created a live-feed campaign that focussed on the target group by using their own comrades. Everyday women on their run.

By adding an extension in the already popular Nike Run app we give women the chance to be a Nike ambassador. The only thing they need to fill in is their motivation for the 10K run. They can agree to be scouted on their run. The gps in the app can then tell the Nike Scouts were the person is running. They then take an action shot of the scouted Nike women. This picture will go through quick editing and will be send to the runner herself for agreement. Once agreed, the personalised ad will be broadcasted on digitally connected billboards through the city.

So, let’s say that Anna is running her morning route. She agreed on being scouted when she got the announcement. During her run she receives a message in the app that she has been scouted. She accepts and continues her run. When she runs around a corner she is suddenly faced with a billboard of her running with her name and motto. A great motivation booster for Anna, but also an inspiration for all the women that need that little push to participate. As a payoff it will say ‘Anna already started, when will you’. The multiple digital billboards will change during the day, on the account of how many women get scouted that day.

Photography Lily Heaton |

Model Ieva Dominaité

Concept Creation